Large Wooden Chopping Board

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A rectangular wooden board for chopping vegetables and for displaying cheeses. Great for parties for you to serve starters and nibbles too.

The palm tree logo burned into the wood to add a tropical decoration.

Dimensions: L50 x W26 cm Made in India

Care Instruction

Step 1: Wash your wooden chopping board with mild soap. Warm water is preferable, but normal water can be used as well. Natural dish soap can be used for cleaning.

Step 2: Wipe the board clean immediately after cleaning

Step 3: Allow it to dry for 2 hours. Place the wooden chopping board vertically after cleaning.

Step 4: Apply any cooking oil across the surface of the wooden chopping board using a soft towel or sponge. (Cooking Oil – Gingelly oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut, etc)

Step 5: Set the chopping board aside for 3 hours to allow the oil to soak into the board.