Organic Goodness Soy Candle

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Organic Goodness Soy Candle in the most beautifully packaged box.

This candle is designed to help you relax and breathe in time with its slow burning, natural soy wax and soft aroma. The packaging is both sustainable and stylish, making it the perfect addition to any home or room. The scents are natural and bold.

Natural Indian scents include:

Dehn Al Oudh - Agarwood
Desi Gulab - Rose
Madurai Jasmine
Mysore Chandan - Sandalwood
Nagpuri Narangi - Orange
Patchouli Vanilla.

Choose the scent you love for a caring gift. Sandalwood and Agarwood are especially popular with some of our Gentlemen clients. 200g Made in India