Small Wooden Serving Board

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A little long board to put nibbles, cheeses, or small starters on. A sweet addition to your table setting.

The palm tree logo burned into the wood to add a tropical decoration.

Dimensions: L36 x W7.5 cm  Made in India

Care Instruction

Step 1: Wash your wooden chopping board with mild soap. Warm water is preferable, but normal water can be used as well. Natural dish soap can be used for cleaning.

Step 2: Wipe the board clean immediately after cleaning

Step 3: Allow it to dry for 2 hours. Place the wooden chopping board vertically after cleaning.

Step 4: Apply any cooking oil across the surface of the wooden chopping board using a soft towel or sponge. (Cooking Oil – Gingelly oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut, etc)

Step 5: Set the chopping board aside for 3 hours to allow the oil to soak into the board.